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Art from the air

Here at Elite West Holidays we are always excited to hear about Cornish creatives. We speak to artist Nina Brooke to learn more about her stunning seascapes.

How would you describe your paintings?

Playfully abstract, vividly colourful and bursting with energy. I use a bird’s eye point of view to emphasise the colourful beauty of the ocean. The beach and the sea are at the heart of every piece, and I experiment with perspective, colour and style, putting a unique spin on the classic seascape painting.

You travel extensively, where is your favourite destination?

I think it has to be Sri Lanka. I love to paint there because of the beautiful colour of the water, the landscape abundant with boats, people, surfers, all of which create a vibrant canvas of inspiration. Hawaii is another personal favourite; in particular the colourful parasols on the beach and the endless palm trees. It is the little details – the smudges of beach towels and surfboards, splashes of waves and reflections of a bold colour on the water that make each painting different.

Where do you call home?

Cornwall always calls me back. It never fails to surprise me, with its abundance of hidden coves and ever-changing scenery. Colour palettes in each location vary and some inspire you more than others, it’s really interesting. In Cornwall there are so many different spots. You can go for a weekend to St Mawes or Sennen or Land’s End and come across a cove you’ve never been to before, and I think this is incredible.

Can you tell us a little about the process of your paintings?

The process begins with my drone, which I fly up whenever I feel inclined and explore the coastline from above. I then choose a reference photo, and experiment with the level of realism I’m going to portray. I work with acrylic paints onto a large canvas, starting with a warm base colour and then working dark to light to build up layers of depth.

Where can your paintings be viewed?

I am currently showing at a group exhibition at Newquay’s North Coast Asylum and there's a large solo show to follow at the New Craftsman Gallery, St Ives later this August. You can also see me working en plein air this year, details of which will be announced via my Studio Newsletter. You can sign up via the website to find out more.

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