Food and Dining

If you had been visiting the West Country a few years ago you would have been forgiven for thinking that you needed to stock up on food supplies before visiting as the area was, at large, a gastronomic desert. How times have changed! With an abundance of excellent restaurants, famous chefs, Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver to name but two, the Gold star award winning Whalesborough cheeses and a vast array of genuine farm shops and farmers’ markets, the West Country is now a gourmet’s paradise.

At Elite West we take our food very seriously. Whilst we know that you are looking for a lovely house in which to holiday, eating well and enjoying the hospitality this region provides is also very important. Here we have put together a fairly detailed list of restaurants that we think you will enjoy visiting, farm shops that sell locally produced sausages, meats and cheeses, organic vegetables (that can be delivered to your holiday home) and our home chef service where you can have ready prepared meals delivered to your door or a full chef and waitress service – a dinner party served in your own home.

There are so many excellent restaurants it is impossible to list them all. However we have endeavoured to provide you with a fairly comprehensive list of restaurants either in the immediate vicinity of Bude (where most of our houses are situated) and a few slightly further afield. We are very happy to advise on any of these if you would like further information as to what they are like and what they offer.

A very good list of local producers can be found on Transition North Cornwall’s website at This provides a really good list of local producers, where they can be found, what they offer and their opening hours. Again if we can help advise on the most suitable for your requirements please do let us know.

If you would like shopping delivered to your door please contact Andrew John of Lansdown Dairy. Lansdown Dairy is a lovely delicatessen, often compared to a mini Waitrose, in the heart of Bude, and offers a large selection of items. You can order everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, cold meats, cheeses to tins of baked beans, milk and cereal. If you contact Andrew via email at he will look after you very well and have your shopping at the house for when you arrive.

Sainsbury’s has just arrived locally and they have stated that they will be offering home delivery services shortly. ASDA will also deliver but do not provide quite the same ‘personal’ service as Lansdown Dairy.

Hopefully this will be just the beginning of your love affair with the newly found delights that the West Country can offer you by way of eating and good quality food and produce. We hope you enjoy browsing through some of what we have put together for you and that this enhances your stay with us.