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A picture is worth a thousand words

When it comes to attracting guests to our holiday homes, having excellent photography is top of the list. It allows us not only to show guests what their prospective holiday home looks like but, with the help of professional framing, can also give them an idea of how it ‘feels’ to stay there.

It was important for us at Elite West Holidays, that we worked with a photographer who was experienced at capturing the architectural features alongside the more ethereal elements of our portfolio of properties; with the added benefit of being local to the area. We were introduced to the work of Steve Brownhill and immediately knew from his portfolio that he was what we were looking for in a photographer.

Steven Brownhill

Steve’s association with photography actually took root at early age. A teenage skate sponsorship and a love of surfing, combined with having a camera in hand since the age of 14, was the catalyst for the unique combination of urban culture and ocean landscape that defines Steve’s images today. His appreciation of architectural beauty is something that has grown with his skill as a professional photographer, resulting in a passion to capture the art within architecture.

Steve moved to Bude in Cornwall with his young family, who love living by the ocean, hearing the sound of the sea, and taking inspiration from its form and movement. Steve’s work includes both architectural and landscape photography, creating a diverse portfolio. His collaborative work with architects and holiday home owners has helped them to portray buildings in a new light and is what drew us to commission Steve as our property photographer.

Instagram @brownhillartuk

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