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Enchanted by Tregenna House in Bude

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

A luxury holiday retreat that offers the ultimate in contemporary holiday accommodation.

A case of the 'NHHA'

If you’re anything like me, the angst of NHHA (New Holiday Home Anxiety) grows like a knot in my stomach as we draw ever-closer to any new holiday destination. In spite of all the online research, and close scrutiny of location and photographs, there’s always that small niggling doubt in the back of my mind that somewhere new won’t live up to expectations. With the endless packing completed for a family of four, comprising of two gangly teenagers, we had bundled into the car for the journey to the promised land – Cornwall – and a long-awaited holiday with friends.

Welcome to Tregenna!

Preferring not to battle with the forms, tests and airport queues we had opted for Bude. Having holidayed there as a teenager myself, I was excited to re-live the heady surf days and beach fun of my youth. As we approached our destination, the lights from Tregenna House glowed in warm welcome while the last rays of the sun set behind its twin gables. Pulling into the expansive drive (which had plenty of room for three cars and also has an electric car charging point) I could feel my shoulders drop and my NHHA start to ebb away… I think we had hit the holiday jackpot!

A splendid entrance

With the usual rush to bag the best room, the ‘gangly ones’ rushed through the front door and bounded up the stairs, failing to pause to admire the stunning entrance atrium with its glass ceiling and more intent on finding a place to recharge their devices! I, on the other hand, stood quietly in awe of such a splendid entrance to a home. Greeted by cool white walls, accented with the soft grey of the stair carpet and a low seat upon which I sat for a moment in order to contemplate the surf art on the wall.

A glass of wine (or two!)

The entrance atrium was vast, and once I had composed myself (letting the other half deal with the bags!), I set off to explore. Tregenna is a modern property, clearly architect designed, but not so ostentatious in its modernity that it doesn’t sit comfortably in the local vernacular. I step into the kitchen whose sleek modern lines and gleaming worktops I know will play host to many a happy breakfast or glasses of wine while sharing the cooking with friends. There’s ample space at the dining table for our rabble of ten, and this open plan living space includes space to chill out and relax. I can see myself curled up with a book here, looking out onto the patio.

Cosy up!

I’m excited to find a separate sitting room, which will certainly help to dissolve any arguments over the television, and a cosy woodburner to snuggle in front of. There’s not always space for everyone to relax in sleep-ten properties but here the sink-into sofas are plentiful. There’s excited chattering coming from the entrance atrium and our friends have arrived. Their ‘gangly ones’ head the same way as our own, while we choose to leave them to it in favour of toasting our arrival with a glass of bubbles.

Sweet Dreams

When I finally make the journey up the beautiful oak staircase and across the landing with its glass balustrade, I am wowed by our vast bedroom with its patio doors that let the delicious Cornish sea air flood in. More soft grey carpet underfoot is accented by the deep blue and yellow ochre hues of the soft furnishings, and a gleamingly clean bathroom (which goes for the whole house) will certainly be appreciated for washing off the salt and sand. I lay down on the bed, comforted by the quality of the mattress and just take a moment to ground myself. Sadly, it is only a moment as an expectant shout of, “what’s for dinner?” comes from the ‘gangly ones’ and I steel myself to leave my haven of calm.

A holiday haven

Luckily the dads are already on the case and our holiday tradition of a first night barbecue is well under way. The high walls of the patio have absorbed the warmth of the sun and we are a cosy crew as we sit down to enjoy our first meal at Tregenna. We’re only a short walk from the beaches at Summerleaze and Crooklets so we spend a happy evening planning tomorrow’s beach trip. The weather is looking kind and the waves a perfect 2-3ft so all will be content; the ‘gangly ones’ on their boards while us oldies will be relaxing on a blanket on the sand, soaking up the sun – that is what holidays are for after all.

A week well spent with family and friends in April 2022. By Lottie

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